Shattered Seconds

Detritus punctuates the edgelands.

Displaced signifiers unsettle.

Perpetrators unknown. 

Rusting Honda moped embedded in watery Thames Estuary mud.

51°29'51" N 0°4'47" E

Car wheel and burnt out tyre remains.

51°28'7" N 0°15'39" E

51°28'7" N 0°15'39" E

Wheel wrench impression in mud, surrounded by rusted tools.

51°28'45" N 0°14'13" E

Taped off wasteland, possible crime scene.

51°27'16" N 0°18'16" E

51°27'16" N 0°18'16" E

Buried blue plastic breaking through surface of earth.

51°27'33" N 0°18'7" E

Feather and bloodied bones of bird eaten by an animal.

51°27'46" N 0°18'23" E

Burnt kitchen knife hidden in pile of waste rusted metal.

51°28'45" N 0°14'13" E

Rusted and burnt out abandoned car in wasteland.

51°28'1" N 0°13'9" E

Mysterious scene of buried rubber carpet backing emerging from wasteland.

51°27'38" N 0°18'9" E